IRB Training Sessions

The IRB office offers the below training sessions throughout the academic year.
Outreach sessions for groups and departments are available upon request;
For more information, check out the Outreach Sessions page.

IRB 101: An Introduction to the IRB
This session offers an overview of the IRB process and procedures.  This includes 
required training, working in ARROW, developing a protocol application and supporting documents, and the IRB review process.

IRB 103: How to Avoid Delays in the IRB Approval Process
This session will address the most frequent errors seen by Staff Reviewers when reviewing protocol submissions and how to avoid them. Also, a checklist of items that can slow the approval process of a protocol submission will be reviewed.

IRB 200: Consent Considerations

This session will review, in detail, each of the consent processes that may be used when conducting research.  Also, the most frequent errors seen by Staff Reviewers when reviewing consent forms and documents and how to avoid those errors will be discussed.

IRB 301: International Research & Summer Projects
This session addresses issues unique to international research, travel, and other summer projects.

IRB 302: Considerations for Qualitative Research, Research with Minors, and Research involving Technology
This session will focus on additional considerations for performing qualitative research, research with minors, research involving technology and other unique research areas.

IRB 602: Data Storage/Retention and PAM Reviews
This session will cover requirements for study teams once a study has final IRB approval, and how to ensure that research data is stored in compliance with campus data retention policies. Representative(s) from the PAM (Post-Approval Monitoring) Program, a part of the VCRGE office, will be included on the panel for this session.

IRB 603: I Have IRB Approval - Now What?
Interaction with the IRB does not end after obtaining initial approval for your project. This session explores the complete life cycle of a human subjects research project after IRB approval, including: Changes, Continuing Review, Reportable Events, Study Completion, Data Storage, and Potential Audits.

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